1. reason, point, why, why and wherefore; principle, guiding principle, basis, root; idea, plan, design, proposal, scheme; motive, motivation, mainspring, driving force, cause; rationale, explanation, background, meaning; rationalization, justification, excuse, mitigation, vindication.
2. intention, intent, aim, spirit; objective, object, goal, target, mark, destination, end, end in view or mind, ultimate aim, by-end, end-all, be-all; expectation, expected outcome, anticipation, outlook, prospect; aspiration, vision, dream, ideal, wish, hope, desire, desideratum.
3. determination, deliberation, will, volition, decision, mind; resoluteness, resolution, resolve, firmness, steadfastness, single-mindedness; ambition, drive, diligent or assiduous pursuit or work, diligence, assiduousness, industry; persistence, constancy, perseverance, Inf. stick-to-it-iveness, tenacity, intransigence, stubbornness; fervor, ardor, avidity, zeal, enthusiasm, eagerness, intentness, earnestness, devotion, devotedness.
4. subject, topic, theme, thesis, issue, point, subject at hand, subject matter; central or main idea, keynote, heart, gist, kernel, core, essence; question, concern, problem, affair, business, study, matter at hand.
5. result, outcome, issue, effect; use, utility, service; advantage, avail, benefit; behoof, enjoyment, happiness, well being, welfare, interest; profit, gain, return, Obs. wealth, Archaic. weal.
6. aim, set one's sights, have an eye to, have in view, steer or head for, zero in on, be after; aspire to, dream of, long or yearn for; work or labor or struggle toward, pursue, seek; intend, mean, have in mind, drive at.
7. contemplate, consider, weigh, revolve, turn over in one's mind, meditate on, think about, talk of; plan, design, scheme, devise, calculate; undertake, venture upon, set about, take upon oneself, endeavor, essay, try.
8.Usu. purpose to do [s.t.] resolve, determine, commit oneself, make a commitment, stand firm, stick to one's guns; conclude, decide upon, settle upon, fix upon, make up one's mind; will, have a mind, elect, choose, prefer, select; mean business, buckle down, get down to work, take the bit in one's mouth; steel oneself, grit one's teeth, set one's jaw.

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